How Does It Work? Create - Communicate - Convert

With Adgo marrying the best of two worlds (Commerce platforms and the social media ecosystems), merchants are able to create and launch high performing social media advertising campaigns within the same platforms that they sell. This gives merchants the best of both worlds; real time data and scalability.

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why adgo?

Putting the ‘form’ in ‘performance’

Merchants need an easy and effective plug&play digital advertising solution that will lead to consumer engagements and conversions.

Adgo’s has invested significantly in deep analytics, data and artificial intelligence to ensure the algorithms that merchants have access to are able to run high performance social media campaigns.

These algorithms are the same ones that run the trillion dollar stock trading industry on Wall Street. Meaning, merchants have the same level of speed (in nano seconds), precision and scale (that multi-billion dollar financial institutions have) to drive their revenue growth engine.

Commerce platform / marketplace

Challenges Adgo’s solutions
  • On-platform ads only
  • Need for incremental revenue
  • No access to social media data
  • None or minimal utilisation of platform data
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Increase merchant retention
  • Increased platform activity
  • Enriched data pool
  • High merchant retention and engagement
  • New revenue stream; both in the top and bottom line
  • Bridging platforms and social media ecosystems
  • Ability to focus on platform feature


Challenges Adgo’s solutions
  • Technology, knowledge and budget constraints
  • Inefficient use of marketing spend
  • Reviewing campaign performance for ROI
  • Limited on-platform audience
  • Small window of ad opportunity
  • Complicated and standard social media advertising
  • Micro view of consumers; limited first party data
  • Access to affordable proven artificial intelligence
  • Use commerce data fueled algorithms
  • Run multiple integrated and targeted campaigns
  • Real time optimisation made possible
  • Achieve campaign performance and outcomes
  • Effective and efficient use of advertising dollars
  • Incremental sales and revenue

The pay-off between buy or build

Adgo In-house build Risk for platforms
  • Up and running in 2 months.
  • Purposely built and proven over 3 years.
  • Estimated 9 – 15 months
  • `Catch-up` play
  • Market opportunity loss, loss of competitive advantage
  • Distraction from strategic roadmap
  • Cost of development and resource allocations
Execution risk
  • Currently operational
  • Consolidated experience and data to benefit from
  • Risk of delays and changes in direction
Resource constraints
  • Tech resources on the ground and constantly developing
  • 100% focus
  • Internal resources could be reallocated based on internal priorities